Yanmar Machinery – Overview

When Yanmar started its business the company focused on manufacturing of engines. Yanmar saw opportunity that was beyond manufacturing of only engines. Yanmar soon narrowed the production line in manufacturing model diesel engines and compact diesel tractors. In 1930′s the company was dominating both of the newly entered market.

Till this time Yanmar was no where into construction machinery and equipments. Walk behind Dozer was the first equipment with which Yanmar debut it’s self in the machinery business. This Yanmar Machinery was praised in the Japanese market where there was a lot of need for compact machinery that could be used at the urban construction sites.

Yanmar Machinery was now aggressive and started running at an aggressive pace to meet the urban construction requirements. In 1968 another Yanmar Machinery was introduced the “mini excavator”.

The company was responsible to produce the first mini excavator and also was the first to manufacture swing boom excavator, rubber tracked excavator and also the first zero tail swing excavator.

The current Yanmar lineup of excavators includes the ViO series, SV series and the B sigma.

The ViO series is a lineup of excavators with zero tail swing. As I’ve already said Yanmar was the first to introduce the Zero Tail Swing mini excavator. Debuted in 1993 the ViO today is in its 5th generation.

Now what is a Zero Tail Swing? Zero tail swing means an ability of the excavator to turn within the width of the machine. The need of such type of machines is because they can be made to work in urban conditions where space to carry out activities is in short supply.

The ViO series is stretched between 7 models with capacity of 3,704 lbs to 17,539 lbs.

Yanmar Vio50-5

Yanmar Vio50-5 is mini excavator that is urban ready thanks to its zero tail swing. Key features on ViO50-5 is

True Zero Tail Swing

ViO Progressive 3-Pump System

Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Spring Steel Cylinder Rod Guards

Air Conditioning Joystick Controls

Right Side Cover

Angled Crawler Frame

Integrated Boom Light

ROPS/FOPS Canopy or Cabin

ViO Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability

Yanmar B50we8 is an old excavator manufactured by the company. Today these excavators prove to be some of the best excavators that can be brought from used machinery market.

The company currently doesn’t manufacturer the B50we8 but spare and parts for the excavator is easily available.

The Yanmar B50we8 wheeled excavator is put to sale for $47,570. The excavator is 1998 made and is with a 55cm bucket and a dozer blade.

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