Wood Blocks: Assumed Great Importance In Buddhist Countries

If you have to go by definition, you will find that a wood block is a small piece of slit drum made from a single piece of wood. It is repeatedly struck with a stick and a sound emerges. It is more of a percussive sound. Wood blocks are mainly used to create music. It has played an important part in developing East Asian music. Numerous instruments, needed for playing East Asian music are made of wood blocks using woodwork tools.

A wood block is of great use in many south Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Japan or Korea. The muyu, as they call it in many Buddhist nations, has the shape of a rounded woodblock. It is carved in the shape of a fish and is repeatedly stuck with a wooden stick. This is regularly used for Buddhist chanting.

Many people have put wood blocks to good use. Printing text or images on them is another way of putting them to good use. Wood block printing originated in China. Slowly and steadily, it made its presence felt in many other Asian countries. It was only later that it paved way for printing on cloth and finally on paper. Many of ancient Asian literature are printed on these wooden blocks. Thus, a lot of history is also associated with these wooden blocks.

Slowly and steadily various types of wood were discovered in the market.Slab wood is a recent discovery of this market. It is referred to a wood, which is cut off from the round portions of a trunk. It leaves a square core or primal. Boards can be cut off from this square core. This wood is much thinner when compared to cord wood.

These wooden slabs allow you to move up to the next level without having to jump. This is appropriate to use in a path, which only moves in one direction that is up. In fact, a lot of priceless furniture today is made of wood.

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