What the “Food Experts” Predicted for the Year 2010

Food predictions are wonderful forays into what our palates “might crave for” during the year. Much like flavors of the month, food predictions may or may not actualize into being or come into fruition, as we can say. So it is really up to us to see if the food predictions for the year 2010 happened.

Home-Style Cooking Will Be In

Comfort food became number one in each food fanatics’ list. Southern food, family dinners, anything that would do away with the formal set up of curries Indian restaurant became a thing of the past, and they said that home style cooking would be in.

As the year 2009 attested, consumers and food suppliers alike became more aware of the foodstuff people will be taking in. People became more aware of their health and especially gave importance to their food source. This could by why there is an advent of the do-it-yourself food preparation, heritage breeding, roof gardening, and organic farming that might very well define the consciousness of the year 2010.

As obesity and other illnesses related to food steadily escalate, so will the consumers’ need for healthier foodstuff erupt this year 2010. The First Lady Obama joined in the bandwagon of promoting healthier food especially focused on the youngsters, and this might very well channel the government’s attention towards what the people are taking in. Legislations on improving our health and health programs focused on eradicating health illnesses came into fruition this year.

This may also give rise to campaigns for better food monitoring from the consumers. The FDA took great leaps to overcoming the lags it had before when it comes to food monitoring. The year 2010 showed a promise of bringing the food industry to attention in implementing acts directed towards food safety and cleanliness.

Food Trucks are In

As street foods become quite the range, 2010 also shows promise of bringing in the food trucks that will culminate into cheap and delicious chows. Street foods such as the Korean tacos, the tamales and other culture-based cuisines might reach dizzying heights during this year. More and more people might very well support the “anti-formal” and “anti-expensive” movement of the food industry. The rising cost of our living alone can attest to the fact that people might turn to simple yet delicious and sumptuous dishes that are served in styros and cups than on dinnerware more expensive than the food itself.

Food Going Online

The net, and especially social networking, opened up a lot for the food industry as well. The year 2010’s food forecast showed online food delivery, online reservations, and online restaurant advertising to rise up to the challenge of our times. What better way to get what your palate is craving for with just a few clicks of your fingers?
Indeed, the year 2010 revolutionized the food industry in seemingly small ways but with bigger impacts than ever. Not only will food become more tempting, interesting, and accessible, but it will also be safer and healthier than before.

These were just some of the food forecasts that were received for the year 2010.

Now, the big question is…did it happen?

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