Vinyl Swimming Pools

Vinyl swimming pools can be a cheaper alternative to in ground concrete pools for some people depending upon the particulars of the installation. Advantages of in ground vinyl swimming pools include a wide range of available shapes and designs that offer flexibility to fit your needs and particular landscape / poolscape.

Some things to consider when choosing vinyl swimming pools:

If you live in an area that experiences extremes of temperature, you should make sure that whatever you are having installed can withstand the rigors of the freeze / thaw cycle that will occur when temperatures drop and then rise again. The frozen ground can exert some extreme forces and if your vinyl swimming pool is not built to withstand those forces, you could be asking for trouble.

Will there be settling after your vinyl swimming pool is installed? Before building any type of add on accessories to your pool, ask your pool professional about settling that might occur after your vinyl swimming pool has been installed. Remember that trapped water or air can cause problems later. Be sure that these are handled before they become problems.

What kind of warranty is included with your vinyl swimming pool purchase, preparation and installation? Be sure of this and get it in writing before proceeding. Always protect yourself if you are going to invest considerable money in your vinyl swimming pool’s installation.

Before you proceed with the installation of your vinyl swimming pool, check with your local building authority to ensure that you have any permits or licenses that are required for your area. Also check to see if any special zoning laws apply to your property or community.

When you are considering the costs of your vinyl swimming pool, do not forget to add in money you will need to spend on things like decking landscaping the area around your new swimming pool. These costs can mount quickly.

Most areas have laws related to what you must do to keep your swimming pool a safe place. An example is fencing. Find out if you must have pool fencing townsville installed around your vinyl swimming pool and be sure that the fence you install meets the legal requirements for your particular area. You would not want to pay for a fence installation only to find that it was not tall enough to meet local ordinances.

Tell your pool installer what your needs are as far as add on items go. This might include swimming pool ladders and lighting.

Ask your installer if it is possible to see an example of their work. Seeing an example of a vinyl swimming pool that has already been installed by the company can help set your mind at ease and might raise some questions for you to ask before installation begins.

Finally, if this is a family purchase, ask for your family’s input for ideas. They may have some great ideas that you never though of on your own.

This article is for educational purposes only. The owner of this website will not be responsible for any actions taken after reading articles located here. Before making any purchases or installations, you should consult with a pool professional in your area to find the options that best fit your needs and budget. Thank you for reading my article on vinyl swimming pools.

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