So Out Of The Thousands Available Which Is The Best Vending Opportunity?

Wouldn’t you just love to have been able to get the best coke vending machine locations? Just think. Imagine what just one good coke vending machine in a prime location would have made over all these years? Lots.
Imagine a whole bunch of them, all in the best locations. It would be a goldmine.

So, why don’t you just go out and do it? One simple answer. The best opportunities are gone. It’s too late. If you wanted to get in on this one then it had to be years ago, now it’s no good.

There are thousands of vending opportunities, the problem is that when a really good one comes along the opportunity doesn’t last. Lots of smart people take up all the good locations and don’t give them up easily.

So if you want some great vending machines Perth businesses you need to get in on something that offers a ground floor opportunity where it’s not too late.

Think about 2006. What is the biggest boom that we are seeing in our lifetime? The internet. It’s huge, massive, and every kid, and many of their parents, spend huge amounts of time on it.

The internet is going to be around for a long time and the projected growth figures are astounding. Billions of people are or are going to be using the internet, and it is and will revolutionise the way we do business.

But whats this got to do with Vending?

What do people who are addicted to the internet do when they aren’t at home? They look for ways to get on to the internet elsewhere. To check emails, to, well you know, just be on it because that’s what they do.

There’s big money to me made supplying an internet connection to the millions who want it but aren’t in a location to get it easily. And it’s not just internet cafes that can tap into this market, you can too, but supplying an internet connection just like you could supply coke cans, if you could get the location.

And because it’s pretty new the scope of the opportunity is huge. If you get in fast, because it won’t be around for long.

And think about this. Even if you owned that coke machine in the best location, you still have to keep restocking it all the time don’t you? What does an internet access vending business require in the way of restocking? Nothing, because the internet connection doesn’t run out. It’s looking better and better isn’t it?