Types of loft conversion

It is easy to classify loft conversions into 4 different types, which is largely determined by the types of windows that will be installed.

Rooflight Conversion

This involves installing skylights flush to the existing roof and not extending the loft area at all. Normally this type of conversion does not require any planning permission.

Dormer Conversion

These are usually chosen when additional height space is required and they can either run part or near enough the full length of the roof. Planning regulations will need to be considered and planning permission possible sought, especially if the dormer window is at the front of the house.

Hip-to Gable Conversion

A hip to gable conversion are usually carried out if the roof has a sloping side. Planning permission is essential for these types of loft conversions kingston.

Mansard Conversion

This type of conversion increases the loft space considerable and planning permission will be required in most cases. The Mansard conversions have a flat roof and walls sloping at an angle of 72degrees.


Another essential part of a loft conversion west London is a permanent staircase from the first floor up to the loft area. Sometimes bedroom space or in the worst case the smallest bedroom will need to be sacrificed in order for this to be put into position.

Water Tanks

Many hot water systems have a water storage tank in the loft, which will need to be moved to a discrete but accessible area, should this need to be looked at in the future.

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