The advantages of using SMS marketing for your business

SMS marketing enables you to communicate in a segmented way to different customer groups. You can start to build a rapport with customers via this new method of marketing. Some marketers use it to advise customers about deliveries, reservations and new opportunities. These can be tailored to their specific interests making it appear very personal. As the growth of mobile devices continues SMS Marketing is being included on more marketing campaigns across the globe. Specialist providers are available to advise on campaign execution as the nature of this marketing tool means messages need to be succinct. Technology is advancing all the time and so the ability to add sophisticated mechanisms into your SMS campaigns is growing day by day.
Once the relevant data has been collected it is relatively simple to initiate a mobile marketing campaign. SMS providers can normally offer very quick turnarounds which mean it is one of the fastest options to a marketer who needs to communicate something fast. Businesses can use it to drive traffic or footfall on a specific day to boost sales. It can also be used to respond to external issues which may need to be addressed urgently.
As the message is delivered directly to the customer’s mobile phone you can test different offers, messages and information in a very discreet way. Perhaps you want to invite your best customers to a special preview of your new products. Prospects can be incentivised to place their first order without the risk of codes leaking onto the net.
SMS marketing is very measureable which makes it attractive to direct marketers who want to be able to test, measure and roll out successful campaigns. You can monitor open rates and also response to specific short codes which are often used as part of a two stage campaign. If you are testing a regional campaign you can test different response to offers and then extend the most successful one. Using this data you can build sms text marketing into future campaigns with a degree of confidence.
Mobile marketing is normally used as part of the marketing mix. Many brands now recognise it can be used effectively to drive customers to a website, request further information or interact on a social media site. When used in an integrated campaign it can add a level of personalisation not possible via other direct marketing methods.

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