Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper – The Best Job that Isn’t a Job!

Are you the unhappy customer in the back who is just too polite to say anything? Have you ever stopped going to a store or restaurant because you received bad service? On the other hand, are you the type of person who tells all your friends when you get great service at the mall?

If it makes your day to get the best service possible, then this is definitely the job for you. If you have had bad customers service experiences and would like to do something about it or if you just love to share your great experiences with the places that you love, thenbeing a secret shopper is the job for you!

Being a secret shopper is easy—all you have to do is do what you do every single day. Be a customer. You buy, ask questions, and check out the level of service to “test” the product. The only difference is that you get to report, in detail, what your experience was like. Are you ready to become part of one of the most lucrative industries on the planet?

Wait a minute, I’m going to get paid if I have jobs as mystery shopper?

Yes! Jobs as mystery shopper are easy way to earn extra cash. Make $10 extra dollars just by answering a survey. Make up to a $100 a week without having to figuratively lift a finger. Imagine a typical day running the usual errands: grocery shopping, catching a movie, eating out for dinner. Get paid for these simple things and earn hundreds of dollars! Not only is the cash flow good, enjoy the freebies that come with job!

• No other job in the world has such flexible hours— you decide when you get to work! Do your work on your time and earn as much as you need or want.

• No special qualifications needed, you just have to be you! You are important because you are already a customer!

• It is a great job for those who have top priorities! Bring your children or spouse along with you and let them help you do your job! Are you a stay at home parent? This is one of the ways you can earn and spend time with your loved ones!

Secret Shopper sounds hard!

It is as simple as clicking a link. You do not even have to leave your chair!

Sign up today and follow these easy steps to get started on jobs as mystery shopper! It is an adventure waiting to happen.
Become part of a personal shopper perth Employment Program. This means you will be part of a network of secret shopper looking for jobs, directly with the companies who want to use them. This is the social network for mystery shoppers just like you.

Apply with as many companies that strike your fancy. You can apply to one, or five or 100 companies, depending on your time and what you like! Your membership gives you unlimited access to companies that are looking for people exactly like you—apply simply by clicking on the company you are interested in.

Wait for a response. This part will be the hardest. You are probably excited about starting your mystery shopping job already. The companies will contact you via phone or email and let you know exactly what they need from you. They will tell you how much they will reimburse you for, what they need you to do. The best part is it is your choice! You do not have to work jobs you do not feel like doing!

Mystery shop! You have now begun your career as a mystery shopper!

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