Releasing equity?

If you are the owner of a ski apartment or chalet in the French Alps we would like to highlight the opportunity of arranging an equity release on your French property. As you probably know, equity release means you can release capital tied up in your property in France for home improvements or even a personal project without an obligation to demonstrate the use of the funds to the bank.

The combination of the weak pound, the price falls in the UK residential property market plus the drying up of mortgage supply in the UK might prove to be the right time to organise an equity release in Euros from your French property.

Ascendant’s long term partnership with one of the leading French mortgage specialists means that we can help non-residents to arrange mortgages for our clients. Our partners have an agency based in Annecy and their English-speaking mortgage advisor is available to draft quotations for you via email or over the telephone.

If you already own a ski or lakeside property in this part of France with or without a mortgage on it, our partners can offer you a release of funds up to 70% of the net value of your French property.

A large number of our clients use equity release to fund renovation on their rental properties blacktown e.g. build a swimming pool or just making their property debt work in order to build their property portfolio and overall net wealth.

Commercial Investments Property- Procedures to follow while Inspecting One

A real estate agent ought to have the right approach towards the listing of commercial investments. The moment you list a property on the market radar, there is more likely for other estate agents to inspect the same property and give you a tough competition. Therefore, it shows that the builders in Sydney who are highly professional in the inspection procedure have better chances of winning the listing opportunity in the market.

How to go about the procedures of inspection of commercial investments or properties?

The whole process of inspection first takes into account the foremost and significant step of ‘preparation’. First, you start by checking out the title ownership of the property. Look out for any sort of right that actually impact the property or acquisition. If it is a yes, then sort out the question how. The next most important step is to collect a copy of survey plan of the area or street and the right building codes for the property.

Check out for any sort of notice or order for the property or commercial land for sale with wantage builders. Research through the rental and sale history of the acquisition over the last few years. Do review the lease profile and tenant mix collected from known leases. A list of comparable rentals and sales in the particular area will help in further analysis of the acquisition.

The second stage of inspection is about checking through the land’s proximity to neighbours or boundaries surrounding the acquisition. Take a walk down the local streets to get an understanding of access and visibility of the site. Check through the signage of the acquisition for impact and identity.

Ask question to the owner of the acquisition to grab hold of all your answers to questions. Give a look at the terms of occupancy and get a copy of the same so that it can help in further inspection of the acquisition. Thus, now you know how a thorough inspection opens up high probability for declaring the property on market listing.