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All investments are not the same.
All real estate investments are not the same.

In fact, real estate investments produce varying yields according to property type and structure of the purchase.

Commercial real estate investments appeal to some investors. However, the commercial real estate or Manchester property investment often requires higher risks and increased cash outlay and/or net worth requirements.

Apartment real estate investments appeal to other investors. These properties too usually have higher requirements. If the apartment has numerous units, skill is required for renting, management and maintenance.

The best real estate investment, in my opinion, is the residential home. Cheap or inexpensive houses can be found in every area of the country. Learning to locate the “motivated seller” who wants to dispose of the “don’t wanter” fixer upper is the key to thrifty purchases. Fixing up and selling a house in need of cosmetic repair is probably the easiest real estate investment, and for that matter, property and home maintenance services are always at hand. Short-term holding of a properly-purchased house means fast turn-over of capital.

You can learn this skill of discovering, buying without cash or credit, fixing up, and flipping the cheap house, and gain the quickest, easiest real estate investment.

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