Photography Portfolio Tips

A high quality photography portfolio is one of the best strategies for self-promotion; to get published and/or sell your photographs. Showing a portfolio used to mean having a physical book that contained your photographs. Today, you have multiple options to present your portfolio. Portfolios can be presented on CD-ROM ( with digital photography software ), DVD, videotape, website, web gallery ( with digitial photography software ), as well as the traditional book filled with photographs. That is the good news!

Planning a good family portrait photography portfolio can seem difficult to do. It requires some planning. For example, with a stock photography portfolio, you are basically trying to second-guess a photo buyer to whom you may have never seen or spoken. You may not know what type of images they need. In fact, your client may not know what type of images they are looking for until they see it. Only the best of your best must be included in your photography portfolio.
Don’t fudge – only your best work.

Target your photography portfolio to a specific market. In other words, don’t include portrait work in your stock photography portfolio. Don’t include wedding portrait photography perth work in your portrait photography portfolio – no matter how tempting.

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