Pet Sitting Business – A Perfect Career for Animal Lovers

We all have passions in life from which we wish to establish a career. If you are fond of animals and enjoy the responsibility of caring for them, then the pet sitting business may be a good fit for you. As a pet sitter, your responsibility is to handle other people’s pets while they are at work or out of town. The duration of the caring session varies by the needs of the owner. On average, a client will need you for a day or a few weeks.

Understanding the business perspective of pet sitting is a vital to running a successful company. Pet sitters must possess a license before venturing to meet clients. Most pet sitters work as sole proprietors but many go on to form a company under the limited liability section. There are many established companies that are involved in the pet care business and one can apply for pet franchise opportunities. If a person opts for the sole proprietor business then he or she is responsible to bear all losses, but if he or she starts a limited company then it will be a separate entity.

Pet care is as serious as any other business, so it is advisable to hire a professional accountant to manage the budget. If you are a sole proprietor with a background in business or finance and are fully capable of managing the business and all its accounts, then you will not need an accountant, however, you will have plenty of additional work to do.

There are many viable extensions to this business and one of them is the dog walking phenomenon. The dog walking business evolved into a business from an occasional favor due to the fast-paced lifestyles of many dog owners. These people usually take on pets when they have time in their schedules, but then their professional lives become more demanding and so their schedules close up. On some days, schedules can be so tight that they can hardly make time to provide their pets with some much needed exercise. Dog walkers are licensed individuals who take dogs in need out for walks two or more times a day. Apart from the walking services, these walkers can perform other minor tasks such as feeding the pets and bringing in the mail.

Pet sitting is in its introductory stage but soon it will be one of the most sought after career choices. The awareness towards pet care management has grown and people now know that it is best to seek help from fully-trained experts. Serious pet sitters are those who are prepared to make sitting a full-time method of employment by teaming up with established pet care management companies. Many of these companies offer pet franchises to serious pet sitters.

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