Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips – Harsh Sunlight Part 1

Many assume that photographing outdoor portraits under bright sunlight is ideal. This is true, but only if you can diffuse harsh sunlight and do it the right way.

Advantages of Outdoor Portrait Photography Under Bright Sunlight

No doubt, there are many advantages to photographing outdoor corporate portraits brisbane when the sky is blue and the sun is shining very brightly.

You’ll have a full range of apertures and shutter speeds to pick from when light levels are very high. This includes the ISO rating set to low sensitivity. Hence, image quality is maximized.

From experience, your subjects will normally feel happier and jovial because the weather is here . Also, you can get them to wear a wide range of choice of clothing as compared to other seasons when it gets chilly.

Better yet, brighter sunlight also indicates the capability of your images to look punchier with a higher level of saturation. These add value and impact to your photographs.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Portrait Photography Under Harsh Sunlight

As there are many advantages to conduct outdoor portrait photography under bright sunlight, there are also its disadvantages.

Sunlight is known to be very direct, and at times, it can be too bright. glass pitcher . Hence, if your subject is facing such bright light, your subject may end up squinting his or her face.

Despite that, the possibility of the appearance of harsh shadows on your subject’s chin is high.Arkansas foundation repair companies . All these disadvantages boil down to a very unflattering portrait.

The Dangers To Lookout For With Outdoor Portrait Photography Under Bright Sunlight

One of the many steps you can take to solve these issues is to get your subject to turn away from the very bright sunlight.

Nonetheless, you’ll have to be on the lookout for flare. Also, be careful for your subject’s face could be in deep shadow.

Despite that, you’ll also need to be watchful and careful of the contrast between the bright background and your subject. Be very sure to refrain from your subject from looking underexposed.

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