Magic Slush

That Lovely Magic Slush For Summer

When those hot summer months roll around, people invariably look for different ways to beat the heat. While a day spent by a swimming pool is always welcome on a particularly hot day, it isn’t really complete without a cool beverage to go along with it. And there are few better refreshing summer beverages than something sweet and ice blended. Whatever, their name — slushy, Icee, Slurpee — the principal behind all of them is the same: blended, fruit flavored ice drinks.

One new slush product on the market that has been getting a lot of attention of late is the Magic Slush. This is a product marketed to those who enjoy ice blended drinks. More specifically, it is marketed to children because of its ability to turn most liquids into slush drinks — which are always popular among kids. Taking a close look at the Magic Slush or go for slushie machine hire, it’s possible to see the unit’s appeal.

Inside The Magic Slush

Upon first inspection of the product one definitely gets the sense this product is more for kids. The Magic Slush comes in a brightly colored box with photos of kids on the front giving their positive testimonials. Those who purchase this product might also notice the red ‘As Seen on TV” logo. Indeed this product is featured in many infomercials, which is likely where most people have heard of it.

After removing the Magic Slush contents from the box people will likely think all they have is a plastic pitcher. The pitcher is the largest component, but it’s the plastic ice cubes that make the product. There are three large plastic ice cubes that come included in the box. One other thing included in the box is a plastic spoon/straw. The first thing those who have purchased this product are going to want to do is fill the ice cubes with water and put them in the freezer.

After the water inside the plastic ice cubes has completely frozen, it’s time to pop the lid off the plastic pitcher and place the cubes inside. Many have pointed out that it is vital to the overall success of this product to pack the ice cubes as close together as possible in order to prevent them slipping around inside the pitcher. The next step is to fill the pitcher with whatever beverage the user would like to make a slushy from. This could be soda, juice, pretty much anything. There is also a fill line marked on the pitcher so users know just how much to pour.

Using Magic Slush

To actually make the slush the user needs to replace the pitcher’s top and screw it on securely. Then it’s time to shake the pitcher. One drawback to the Magic Slush is that is can take a little while (a minute or two of shaking) to actually create the slush drink. The user also has to block a pressure hole at the top with their finger while shaking the pitcher, periodically lifting their finger up to release the pressure.

After a minute or so of shaking the slush drink will be about done. Another drawback to the product is that it doesn’t make very much slush drink, as the plastic ice cubes take up a lot of space in the pitcher. However, a positive to the unit is that it is indeed effective and since it’s reusable the owner is never far from a tasty slush drink. And it is almost guaranteed that kids will enjoy the product. So, in the end, because the unit isn’t prohibitively expensive, and because it is reusable, Magic Slush is a nice addition to home kitchen accessories.

Yanmar Machinery – Overview

When Yanmar started its business the company focused on manufacturing of engines. Yanmar saw opportunity that was beyond manufacturing of only engines. Yanmar soon narrowed the production line in manufacturing model diesel engines and compact diesel tractors. In 1930′s the company was dominating both of the newly entered market.

Till this time Yanmar was no where into construction machinery and equipments. Walk behind Dozer was the first equipment with which Yanmar debut it’s self in the machinery business. This Yanmar Machinery was praised in the Japanese market where there was a lot of need for compact machinery that could be used at the urban construction sites.

Yanmar Machinery was now aggressive and started running at an aggressive pace to meet the urban construction requirements. In 1968 another Yanmar Machinery was introduced the “mini excavator”.

The company was responsible to produce the first mini excavator and also was the first to manufacture swing boom excavator, rubber tracked excavator and also the first zero tail swing excavator.

The current Yanmar lineup of excavators includes the ViO series, SV series and the B sigma.

The ViO series is a lineup of excavators with zero tail swing. As I’ve already said Yanmar was the first to introduce the Zero Tail Swing mini excavator. Debuted in 1993 the ViO today is in its 5th generation.

Now what is a Zero Tail Swing? Zero tail swing means an ability of the excavator to turn within the width of the machine. The need of such type of machines is because they can be made to work in urban conditions where space to carry out activities is in short supply.

The ViO series is stretched between 7 models with capacity of 3,704 lbs to 17,539 lbs.

Yanmar Vio50-5

Yanmar Vio50-5 is mini excavator that is urban ready thanks to its zero tail swing. Key features on ViO50-5 is

True Zero Tail Swing

ViO Progressive 3-Pump System

Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Spring Steel Cylinder Rod Guards

Air Conditioning Joystick Controls

Right Side Cover

Angled Crawler Frame

Integrated Boom Light

ROPS/FOPS Canopy or Cabin

ViO Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability

Yanmar B50we8 is an old excavator manufactured by the company. Today these excavators prove to be some of the best excavators that can be brought from used machinery market.

The company currently doesn’t manufacturer the B50we8 but spare and parts for the excavator is easily available.

The Yanmar B50we8 wheeled excavator is put to sale for $47,570. The excavator is 1998 made and is with a 55cm bucket and a dozer blade.

The Importance of Diamond Milling

Diamond milling is much useful to us to create very tiny structures with different shapes and sizes. Regardless of the shape, be it any binary shaped piece to free form ones and its degree of intricacy, any figure can be made possible with minimum fuss via this process.

The major importance of diamond milling lies in the fact that it comes real handy in manufacturing conventional micro optics or engineering injection mold in micro optics. The distinction between this new technology and traditional milling that the shapes created in the later instance is of comparatively larger size than the former one i.e. accuracy is more in the latter case. But there is no major dissimilarity in the mode of functioning of both the processes. The tools and the raw materials needed in diamond milling are available at very low prices.

The hardness of glass is a hindrance to cut or even scratch it with any usual cutting tool. Only diamond bits are capable to cut and in milling them. While working with the plastics, one should be careful about the huge amount of heat that is generated while milling. The regular small diamond milling can be easily handled with a tiny, even piece of diamond bit. A lathe machines  are required to turn the diamonds in desired directions as required by the worker. The main intention behind the diamond turning process is to produce optical elements from crystal that are quite commonly found in telescope, video projectors lasers etc. If you are talking about single point diamond turning, automatic tool hire Perth are best to execute it. Besides milling, diamond is also supportive in grinding. The machines needed in diamond milling are lathes, radial arm drills, punch presses, power shears and both horizontal and vertical milling machines.