Unsafe use of electrical cords – daisy chaining two cords, placed under a rug. Photo: Karen Wintress

Sometimes we don’t use electrical cords properly or the right cords and this can lead to a house fire. Follow this quest to find out how your family scores on electrical cord safety or hire electrical services thomastown.

Why not enroll your family in an electric cord safety quest. It can be a fun family activity and it will make certain that you are following safe practices when using electrical cords. Also, when we understand why something is unsafe, we are unlikely to create the same unsafe condition. Since the consequence of not following these safety tips can result in an electrical fire, pick a day, and start your quest.

Gather everyone together, and give everyone a list of the 10 items listed below that they will be inspecting. Before starting your quest, each family member might want to guess how many electrical cords are being used in the home. Prizes can be awarded for the winners at the end of the quest.

Following are the 10 “no no’s when using electrical cords. If your family finds any of these problems which are unsafe conditions, fix these problems.

1. Are there any electrical cords under a carpet? Covering cords can cause them to overheat and start a fire.

2. Are there too many electrical cords plugged into one power strip? Plugging in too many cords into a power strip and plugging that into a single outlet can overburden a circuit and cause it to overheat and start a fire. Plugging multiple lights into a power strip creates less overload on the circuit and may not cause a problem. However, when one plugs in multiple items with heating elements such as heaters, hair dryers, and toasters into the same electric power strip, this will likely overload a circuit.

3. Are electrical cords accessible to young children and pets who might chew on them? A cord that is chewed on can cause a serious shock to your child or pet.

4. Are electrical cords in locations where people can trip on them? No one wants to be walking across a room and be tripped by a cord that is in the way. This can be especially dangerous when carrying heavy or bulky items.

5. Are inexpensive extension cords being used? Those not rated by an independent testing lab can be defective, overheat, and start a fire. Look for UL labels on the cords to be safe.

6. Are extension cords being used as permanent wiring? You should not use an extension cord as a permanent solution for more than 90 days. After that it’s time to get electrical contractors Cardiff to make the needed modifications.

7. Are electric cords “daisy chained” where one extension cord is plugged into another extension cord?This can cause overheating which can result in a fire.

8. Are any surge protectors or power strips being used to power another? Again this is overburdening a circuit and can lead to a fire.

9. Are any cords being used outside that are only rated for indoor use? Any electric cords being used outside should have a label that states for outside use.
The final question should be asked when everyone gathers together after completing questions 1 – 9 above.

10. When you remove electrical cords from outlets do you pull on the plug or do you pull on the cord?Only remove an electric cord from an outlet by pulling on the plug, otherwise you could be weakening the wires inside the electrical cord which could result in a fire.

Make certain that your family celebrates after completing the quest. Your home will now be a safer place as soon as any unsafe conditions that you identified are fixed.

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