How Website Push Notification Helps You Connect With Your Visitors?

Web push notification seems to be the buzzword of the marketing world. It is a new way of interacting with your website visitors. Its effect is supposed to be far reaching, somewhat like that of email marketing. The underlying objective of using this tool is to convert your website visitors into regular visitors, then into leads and finally into customers. And the most important thing to know about it is that it spares the visitor from sharing his email address or other contact details.

How it works?

Web push notification follows a systematic way. Now what happens is that when a visitor lands at your website, he/she is received by an opt-in box which your website automatically triggers without fail. And if the visitor opts for “Allow”, he/she comes on your Subscribers’ list. For the HTTPS websites, it will be a one-click thing, while for the HTTP websites, it will be two-click. After having a visitor on the subscribers’ list, you can start sending him/her push notifications from there and then. These notifications would be directly received on his/her desktop in real-time. And if the visitor clicks at the notification, he/she would be taken to a URL for that particular notification.

How to use it?

Web push notification is taking the marketing sector by storm. But as it is newer, there may be certain doubts surrounding on how to use it in an effective manner. Knowing that it is going to appear right in front of your user without making him/her to do anything, the most effective way of using it is trying to send limited-period offers that require instant action. With the notification popping up and sharing an exciting offer, your visitor may feel compelled to click it.

Besides, when deciding on how to use this tool, you can think about delivering an offer that is specifically tailored to the behavior of the user on the website. Even if you are unable to impress your users with the notification you sent last, you can come up with another better way of making an impression on the user by the information you collected from his/her behavior on your website. The key is try…till you succeed in coaxing the user into coming back to your website. Whether it means recovering abandoned carts, upselling or cross-selling. And for bloggers, RSS-to-push is the ultimate way of getting a reader again to the blog. It works in the same way of RSS-to-email.

When you need to engage or retain your web users, there is no other way better than sending personalised notifications directly. Email marketing was doing just that thing. But with the advent of web push notification, it seems that it has a potential to take over emails by interacting with users in real-time without using any medium like mail-box and without asking the users to divulge their email address which they might be reluctant to do. So far, so good.

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