loftOur goal is to have a healthy home, and there are many choices that we make which can make our home more or less healthy.

Let me share with you a personal ‘aha’ moment that I experienced a few years ago which led me to really understand the importance of having a healthy home.

As the deputy mayor of my town, we were working on a large project in our community with major environmental implications, so we hired a top notch environmental consultant. He happened to be the former Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner for our state and a highly respected environmental professional.

After our formal meeting, I asked him what was the real environmental challenge that we faced in our lives. His unequivocal answer was ‘indoor air quality’ and all the health problems we can face when the air inside our home or office is not healthy. Note that his answer was not emissions from cars or industry or being near a nuclear plant – it was what we are exposed to inside the places we are most comfortable.

This revelation really stuck with me, and now I am ready to launch the healthy home portion of this website. Home How To Guides is already providing tips and resources for homeowners on home safety and disaster preparation as well as home improvement and working with house extensions Sydney contractors. This third area of focus will be a recurring theme as we explore topics such as what causes unhealthy indoor air, how can unhealthy air affect us, and what choices can we make so that our homes are as healthy as possible. Choices will involve things as simple as how often we clean filters on appliances, to what cleaning products we use. Maybe our choice of paints, flooring, and furniture or choosing best loft conversion Ripon company can have a positive impact on indoor air quality.

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