Great Trick Photography Ideas


There are loads of different techniques that you can follow and use when it comes to digital photography to come up with a perfect picture. Amongst all these techniques, simple trick photography ideas will serve as a huge help in developing your talent and skills in digital photography. One of these tricks in by learning how to come up with a good and right composition in taking your shot.

Being able to take an image with the right composition can gather around attention from your viewer. You can do this by taking notes of lines, shapes, triangles and circles into your shot that will result into an amazing and pleasing image or enrol yourself in dslr photography courses.

Here are some composition trick photography ideas that you can follow, especially for those who are amateurs in the field of landscape photography. Become one of the best Australian landscape photographers by learning all these photography tricks. First is taking notes of waves and patterns into your subject and capturing it in your frame. Picturing a landscape that has patterns of hills on it will create a great composition because of the curves in your hills, cloud shapes and the lines on your land. Another is to take a landscape image with a reflection of it in a still water and this will create a really perfect composition for your photo. Even the reflection of the city lights in a still water at night is amazing, all of these great compositions in just a simple trick photography ideas.

The rule of the third is also a good trick photography idea. Placing your subject in the intersection of your viewfinder’s two lines can create a really good approach to your subject’s outlook. This third rule makes your subject more interesting by giving way to its background and this will also prevent a boring image with your subject in a dead-center spot.

Another trick photography idea is the DOF or the depth of field. You can either blur your subject’s background or foreground. For you to see the difference and which is better, take same picture with your subject’s background on focus or the other way around. This creates a different touch to your image and you’ll see the huge difference this can give your subject.

Last but not the least trick photography idea is making your image composition simple. The simpler your image is the better. This is the best way for your audience to get a good grasp of what you’re trying to tell on your photo. There are numerous ways for you to perfect your Canberra photography skills and the resources are limitless.

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