Gently Used Garden Tractors

A garden tractor is something that many homeowners want to help them keep their yards and property looking beautiful. However, garden tractors can be quite expensive when purchased new so many people look for ways to purchase gently used garden tractors or even antique models They not only want a lawn mower, but a piece of machinery that can handle larger landscaping projects as well. If you are one of these people, then before you buy, you should know a little bit about these unique and special tractors.

Garden tractors are smaller than their cousins, the large farm-duty models. They are generally simple to operate and are designed primarily for cutting grass with their rotary cutting blades and for doing more heavy-duty landscaping work. Some people call them ride-on lawnmowers but they do differ slightly. They are a little bit sturdier that ride-on mowers because they come equipped with more durable frames, transmissions and axles. They also can be enhanced through the addition of other equipment such as cultivators and bulldozer blades. Garden tractors are generally equipped with either a 1 or 2 cylinder gasoline or model diesel engines.

A lawn tractor differs from a riding lawn mower because its engine is in the front and it is used mostly general gardening projects. Heavier duty lawn tractors are usually shaft driven so that towing and more difficult garden projects are easily accomplished. The difference between a garden tractor and a lawn tractor is that garden tractors have multiple mounting bolds as compared to the simple bolt configuration of lawn tractors. Also, garden tractors can be used for multiple gardening projects such as plowing and harvesting because of their added strength and durability.

Antique garden tractors are becoming very popular on today’s collectors market. Finding these old tractors requires some dedicated research. It is a hobby that many people are enjoying today and this has sparked an influx of websites featuring information about these unique older pieces of gardening equipment. You can often find antique and used garden tractors at affordable prices by just taking the time to explore what’s available on various websites. There is a special old tractor just waiting for you to take it home!

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