Genie Machinery – Second to None

Boom lifts plays a very important role for rental companies and equipment owners. Genie Machinery have become popular as these machines are produced with all the features that makes the machine workable in narrow passageways and places where there is less operating space and also places where lower weight machines are required. For indoor application the rough terrain boom lifts an excellent reach as these machines can make through standard double door.

Genie Machinery has become popular and dominates the small and large boom lifts market.
Genie Industries is the leading manufacturer of articulating boom lift segment, the leadership is hold for more than 20 years.

Genie Awp30s is a vertical lift that can be easily configured indoors. To be able to work in doors the machine is made with compact dimensions and can be moved around easily by a single person. These lifts are mostly used for construction and maintenance proposes.

AWP, that stands for Ariel Work Platform is offered in three different base; the AWP-20S, the AWP-25S and the AWP-30S.

Key features on AWP30s includes

 Rocker Base System features a 6 point wheel and a caster system that enables easy maneuverability around the corners.

 Ground Controls employees several lights for warning purposes; low battery indicators, LED lights for conforming outrigger setup. The light can be lowered from the ground and also features a locking key which avoids unauthorized access.

 Platform Controls All of the models are with Ground Controls or Platform Controls that enables to control the lift in power failure.

 Small Outriggers Footprints The outriggers are designed in such a way that the machine can take the machine exceptionally close to the wall, leaving a gap of 3 in.

 Easy Loading the AWP series is light, is compact and is easy to load on pickups and other vehicles it can also fit in small beds.

 Overhead Crane Attachment Point The lift has a point where a crane can be attached for transport.
That all with the personal lift now let me discuss about the Genie Gth644 which is an HIGH REACH ROUGH TERRAIN TELEHANDLER.

The Genie Gth644 plays a workhorse role in the landscaping, construction and agricultural application. The steel sheet lifter can be used for loading, moving placing loads and materials on the work site and also proves efficient for the cleaning work at the end of the project.

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