Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioning is rapidly replacing conventional air conditioning in homes. A simple installation of the indoor air distribution units, refrigeration lines that are practically invisible, and an outdoor compressor is all it takes to install ductless air conditioning.

The indoor units are small and can be mounted on a wall high enough to be out of reach of small hands. They are very quiet, much more so than a window unit or a typical central unit. Remote controls are provided to adjust where you get air flow from the unit. You can turn it on only in the rooms you are using at the moment and save money on your electric bill.

In the area that you decide to put the distribution units, there will be a three inch in diameter hole where the refrigeration lines come in to connect to the unit. That is the only visible part of the ductless system. Compare that to window units that are unsightly as they hang out of your window and drip water, not to mention the noise they make.

The mini-splits, as they are often called, have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit similar to conventional air conditioning service adelaide, however they are easier to install. Four indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. However if you have a larger home, you may want to add another unit so maximum cooling can be achieved.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

One of the benefits to this type of cooling is they can be used in homes or offices that did not have air conditioning by simply installing the unit outside and connecting it to the indoor unit. You do not have to have attic space or a crawl space under your home to install ductwork.

Another great thing is the time required for installing these units is typically about a day compared to a week for the old style air conditioning units. Humidity controls are another option that make for better air quality in your home. This is especially popular in the south where the humidity can be quite high at times.

If you have an older home that did not have air conditioning and were thinking of having it installed, you know how expensive and how much work that is. Putting in ductwork, dealing with all the mess and finding a place to install air conditioning and everything else can be chaotic.

Less mess to install and not having to worry about having ductwork installed is a key factor to some when deciding what type of air conditioning to purchase. That is one of the reasons the ductless system is becoming more popular.

The savings of air conditioning installers brisbane will probably be really evident on your power bills. In the steamy hot summer months, your power bills soar. With a ductless system, you can control the areas you are cooling until you need them.

For instance, in a bedroom, you do not have to have the temperature as cool during the day when you are not using it. By using the ductless system, you can turn it off until you are ready to retire and not have the extra expense of cooling a room you are not using.

Ductless Air Conditioner Buying Advice

As with any air conditioning system you have to have the proper amount of units to cool what you want to cool. If you have a two story home with eight or ten rooms, one unit is not going to cool the whole house. Proper distribution of the units is the key to cooling your home with these ductless systems.

Also pay attention to the BTUs, more for larger areas, less for smaller areas, just as with the size of a conventional unit, the unit has to be large enough to handle the area that it is going to cool. The price of the ductless system in comparison to a central air system is relatively cheaper. Remember you do not have to have all the ductwork installed or replaced and air returns put in. Two lines connecting the ductless system are less than what is required to install a central system.

The ductless air conditioning system can be used with a central system to help cool your home more efficiently. They are only 32 inches by 11 inches and 7 inches deep. They come with a nice looking plastic cover that will fit in any room without standing out. For allergy sufferers, there are models with filters that remove allergens from the air.

Specific Recommendations Regarding The Choice Of Air Conditioning Devices

In apartments, multi splits may be necessary. For indoor units, consoles and lighters can be useful because they are similar to radiators. The wall units are proving very attractive especially for small areas because they do not cover considerable place and are extremely quiet.

In one room, it is customary to place them above the door, so that they are barely visible. In the case of a house, it may be better to have several units outside. This avoids, in part, the proliferation of chutes to conceal the tubes.

Typically, the installer must propose a solution taking into consideration the aesthetic aspects and the budgetary ones defined by the customer.

Ductless or conventional? Weigh the benefits of each to decide the one that is right for you.

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