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Anything but walk in park

IT HAS become part of the Australian Grand Prix tradition.Mercedes-Benz boss Horst Von Sanden writes a very large cheque to the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and, in return gets an empty, pristine grand prix circuit for one day – a motoring utopia called Albert Park. Into this place they bring 34 sporty AMG production cars worth around $7.6 million and assemble a collection of AMG owners and enthusiasts, celebrities and motoring journos. As well, they

The Driving Test in Australia

Driving test standards vary the World over. In a European context the Driving Test in Australia, while improving and continuing to evolve has a long way to go before it reaches Premier League status. One of the biggest problems with the Irish Driving Test is that there is currently no stipulation regarding the necessary level of tuition to be taken before sitting the Driving Test. In most European Countries there is a mandatory tuition requirement

Driving Test Centre Routes

Driving Test Centre routes do vary considerably around the country. In general the distances covered will be uniform approximately six miles but the experience can be very different. Let us look at the differences and then examine whether or not you should contemplate booking a Test at a Test Centre further afield that appears to give you a better chance of passing first time.(It Won’t!) Firstly let’s get the main stumbling block to passing a

Careless Driving- Try To Enjoy A Safe Ride

Careless driving let us down to discuss the notice of intended prosecution (NIP). The release of a NIP is in agreement with the traffic act of 1988 and requires registered keepers of the automobile to recognize who was lashing the vehicle at the time when offence took place. If you are driving without due care and attention, it can lead to death as well. You cannot drive your vehicles like anything; otherwise, you have to

Driving Lessons : Learn To Drive Safe

For those who belong to any of the areas of Australia  learning driving has become a very simple task. The reason behind this is that there are number of driving schools and certified driving trainers available to serve you with the needful. No matter you are looking for driving lessons in mill park or you need Bunbury driving lessons, you will get the best of it on reasonable prices. There are the skilled and qualified