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Driving Test Centre routes do vary considerably around the country. In general the distances covered will be uniform approximately six miles but the experience can be very different. Let us look at the differences and then examine whether or not you should contemplate booking a Test at a Test Centre further afield that appears to give you a better chance of passing first time.(It Won’t!)

Firstly let’s get the main stumbling block to passing a Driving Test out of the way. The overriding factor in the poor first time and subsequent Driving Test pass rates is lack of preparation. You have to have built up a fairly high standard of driving competence before you commence your Driving Test preparation. It’s no good trying to learn the basics two or three weeks from your Test appointment because it will take all the effort and time you can muster to cover all the Driving Test preparation activities. These would include getting to know the area where your test will take place and covering every road and junction in the vicinity at different times. Reversing manoeuvres poorly carried out lose many candidates valuable marks and so should be practised until you can do them in your sleep!

WoodView Test Centre . Limerick. It’s a Busy Car Park.

The Driving Test Centre routes are not available to download or to buy in text form so there is only one way to get a detailed knowledge of your local Test routes and the particularly difficult hot spots and that is by taking some instruction from a qualified Driving Instructor who already knows all (or almost all) of the variances in the Test routes.  Particular Hot spots that can and do cause great difficulty to Learner Drivers on their Driving Test need to be practised thoroughly so that you get a good idea of what to expect and don’t get caught out or tripped up. Being prepared is the best way to ensure a Driving Test pass. This takes time; effort and outlay.

Hot spots badly handled will lead to failure on the Driving Test even if you regard yourself as a moderately competent Driver. Feedback from Pupils that have taken their Driving Test is the method by which Instructors learn about the Driving Test Centre Routes. Driving Instructors do not follow candidates on their Driving Tests but they do keep their eyes open in order to recognise Driving Examiners that are obviously undertaking Tests.

There are notices posted in the waiting rooms of Driving Test Centres requesting driving school coventry not to be practising on Driving Test Centre routes during normal business hours. While this is an admirable attempt at leaving Test routes free of drivers who are practising so that Test candidates are not distracted, it is not really possible to avoid being on Driving Test Routes during the day. It is a free country after all and not every Learner Driver can take lessons at night after the Test Centres are closed. In any event, Test preparation should be carried out in daylight because this will replicate the Driving Test situation more accurately.

Castlemungret Test Centre Limerick.

A Custom built Centre handling MotorBike and Truck Tests for the whole Region. Despite the Sign, Learner Drivers continue to ignore the instructions and make life difficult for Test candidates by driving through the Gate and practising! We often have to point this out to Learner Drivers. Completely ignoring requests and being totally ignorant of the whole system shows why the Driving Test results are poor for many Candidates. If you can’t be bothered to park your car away from the main activities and investigate on foot you don’t deserve to be even sitting the Driving Test!

In small Towns there may not be much of a choice of suitable Driving Test Routes but having said this, with the growth of the economy and the increase in Traffic on Irish roads over the last five years it is still a formidable obstacle to gain a first time pass in a smaller location.  Small towns quite often have just one basic Test Centre route with a few minor variations. This does not mean that the Test is any easier to pass in a smaller urban locality; in fact unless you are practising regularly in your chosen location, booking a Driving Test in an out of the way location is likely to give you some nasty surprises.

Traffic intensity varies with the day of the week and the season and of course the time of day. In a Provincial City such as Limerick or Galway the traffic is likely to be heaviest on a Friday after lunch and into the evening as Truck Drivers, Company Representatives or Executives head home for the weekend. Heavy Truck traffic is the norm on Friday after lunch and if your Test is scheduled for this day of the week you will need to spend extra time during these periods to both practise and to take Tuition. Heavy Traffic means extra lunatic drivers to have to cope with.

A Driving Examiner is not the slightest bit interested in excuses because someone else behaved badly on the road. You need to be learning about the levels of competence of other drivers and how to recognise them and then how to expect serious mistakes and errors and to be able to deal with them adequately. This is the real world and this is what you are being Tested upon.

Going into a Driving Test having mastered every basic and some advanced skills is an absolute essential if you are going to Pass first time. With your in-car skills finely tuned such as correct gear; correct speed; correct distance; correct steering wheel position; correct use of brakes, you will be able to focus on the real world around you, way beyond the vehicle in front or immediately behind you.

The difference between a test route in a small town and those in larger towns or cities will be primarily volume of traffic. However in smaller rural locations there will be the ever present elderly driver who lives out of town and only ventures in occasionally. These drivers are usually totally unused to today’s traffic volume and still attempt to double park outside their destinations causing huge disruptions. They are also likely to be very indecisive and pottering along looking for somewhere to park. In addition you will have the latest clutch of younger Drivers who have never taken any lessons and you need to be on the look out for these as well.  They can be recognised by generally driving older cars. Any sign of indecision from a driver in front of you (or behind for that matter) indicates a seriously suspect and inexperienced Driver. These require careful scrutiny as many have never taken a Driving Test and do not have the skills required for driving in today’s climate. You will meet these on your Driving Test and will need to deal with them competently.

In the Capital City there are numerous Driving Test Centres usually on the outskirts of the City Suburbs. Traffic is likely to be fairly constant at all these Test Centres so really the time of day and day of the week are the prime considerations here. As a candidate you don’t have any say in the day of the week of your proposed Test so get some insider secrets from a qualified female driving instructor Melbourne and LISTEN to what she or he says .Then carry out your own practise and Driving Test preparation.

CastleMungret Test Centre. One car just back from Test(ours) Two candidates waiting to go out on Test. Note the two different parking techniques:-

We don’t recommend surfing through the Test Centre details on the Government web site looking for quieter locations or those with a shorter waiting list. You will not have the time to be venturing across the country to practise, unless it happens to coincide with your summer holidays. You will also be encountering those drivers that we mentioned in an earlier paragraph. Believe me the Devil you know beats the Devil you don’t. Get used to your own locality and Practise- Practise- Practise.

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