Bali Diving Holidays

There are not plenty of places that catch the fancy of the diving fraternity, but one must say that the Red Sea is definitely one of the hot favorites. It has been a centre for diving now for more than four decades and still the Red Sea maintains its charm and attracts divers from all across the globe. In the eastern and southern shores of Bali, there are some amazing diving destinations, which make Bali scuba diving a popular retreat among the divers.

Find out the diversity and abundance of the coral walls and gardens along with varied and many underwater species in the area. A Bali diving holidays is a fabulous choice to mark the unmatched beauty of the Red Sea.

Some of the popular diving sites in Bali include Ras Mohammed where you can encounter Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef Shark Observatory; East of Ras Mohammed; Sharm El- Sheikh; Taba; and Dahab.

All these destinations provide for a brilliant free diving Bali experience. The best part in that in Cairns,  you can explore the unmatched charm of the underwater and combine this with a full feeling of safety making it a treat for the beginner. All these reasons have made Bali scuba diving a popular choice among the divers.