Choosing a Perfect Heat Pump for Business Purpose

Heat Pump is not a new concept; rather, it can be said that technological advancement has lead to evolution of newer models. The concept is there for quite a long time. But with the passing of time, focus might have shifted from them to some other heat generation devices. However, with a certain change in environment and climate, the need for these effective devices has become larger.

Heat pump is definitely a better alternative to oil, electric, and gas heating devices. After all, all these three type of heating sources are non-renewable fossil fuels. Same is not true for heat pumps. These pumps operate through the help of natural heat that exists beneath the ground surface. This same heat is generated. What is the beneficial side? Heat energy is obtained and produced through sources that can be renewed and reused again and again.

These pumps can be used extensively for warming of water as well home interior environment. Strategically placed ducts can be used for multi-room heating through these pumps. ducted heating concept is highly cost effective in nature.

There are three different types of heat pumps available these days: Air sourced, Geo Thermal, and ground sourced.

Air Sourced heat pumps capture heat from outer environment, compresses it properly, and then supplies it to the room in a systematic manner. Good quality air pumps can extract heat from even temperature as low as -22 degree centigrade.

Geo Thermal heat pumps extract heat from the surface. However, it requires extreme deep bore holes for extraction of heat energy. Special pipes are buried down to the hotter surface of earth for extraction of heat.

Ground Source heat pumps extract heat from the surface using similar extraction concept used for Geo Thermal devices. However, heavy digging is not required for these pumps. Also, pipes used for heat extraction purpose are different in shape and style.


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