Caring For Orchids

Caring For Orchids Can Surely Be A Rewarding Experience

Orchids are described as the world’s most beautiful flowers. But such a title does not come without a price. The fact is, orchids can become one of the most difficult flowers to grow. Today, whenever you’d hear about orchids, you’d get intimidated by the prospect of having to care for them and ensure their optimal growth and health. This is not an easy undertaking. This requires skills, proper knowledge, and most of all, a deep commitment to see them develop to their full potentials.

Indeed, caring for orchids is a challenge that will not be easy. Nonetheless, it is a challenge that, once bested, would be absolutely rewarding. This is the reason why a lot of landscape gardeners High Wycombe and horticulturists have become addicted, in a manner of speaking, with caring for orchids.

“Caring for your orchids is the most important thing that has to be on your mind, you should try and get as much information about orchid care as possible.”

* Soil quality is very, very, very important. More than any other plants, orchids need good quality soil. But soil deteriorates, especially in confined environments. Hence, whether you like it or not, you’d need to regularly apply fertilizers on your soil to maintain its quality.

* Some orchids need to be perched in an elevated spot. This is because these orchids, which belong to the Lithophyte family, gain their nutrients from the air. Most orchids also cannot bear stagnant air. They need a moderate breeze to keep their leaves most. These orchids are called Epiphytes, and determining them is one of the primary steps in the proper caring for orchids.

* Most orchids need a lot of lighting. Their photosynthetic processes depend on the quality of light they will be receiving. Some orchids, like Cattleyas, are light hogs. They need lots and lots of light that can often be garnered from the natural source. Other orchids, like the Phalaenopsis, can live with artificial light.

* Over-watering is an orchid plant’s number one enemy. Orchids already have great water retentive properties. Feeding them with more water than they can handle may prove fatal for them.

* Orchids, having originated from tropical climates, prefer humid weather. Some orchids require so much humidity (around 70%) that they should be kept in green houses with artificial heating systems during the colder months.

Orchids never fail to add so much beauty to any environment once the flowers are in full bloom. Caring for orchids may be a little too difficult, but ultimately, your hard work will pay off in a fulfilling manner once you get to witness the wonderful sight of their blossoms.

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