Japanese Knife Buyers Guide

The Steel Let’s start by the ranks of the forging process and the steel. From the top are the ones with the most “kirenaga” or durability. Honyaki (ao-ko) – Forged out of a single material of high carbon blue #1 steel. This is the highest grade of best japanese kitchen knives. For the true professional only because of the skills needed to sharpen and maintain it. Only used for delicate work like sashimi. Since honyaki’s

Anything but walk in park

IT HAS become part of the Australian Grand Prix tradition.Mercedes-Benz boss Horst Von Sanden writes a very large cheque to the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and, in return gets an empty, pristine grand prix circuit for one day – a motoring utopia called Albert Park. Into this place they bring 34 sporty AMG production cars worth around $7.6 million and assemble a collection of AMG owners and enthusiasts, celebrities and motoring journos. As well, they

How to Repair Your Roof

Repairing a damaged roof is probably the most dangerous task of home renovation and maintenance. Falls can prove fatal, even from low heights, and injuries are common. The biggest causes of roof leaks are defective flashings and poor installations, which is why it is important to make sure any work done on your roof is done properly. Flashings could be the chimney, apron, stop, or the valley where two roofs meet. If roof leaks are

Improving Company Image Through Printing

Special finishing processes & embellishments can really make your business stationery & marketing documents really stand out and help keep your business ahead of the pack. Marketing Stationery Varnishing Adding special finishing processes and appropriate embellishments to printed marketing stationery can really improve its presentation. The most cost effective & simplest improvement is gloss or mat varnishing. This is a ‘print on’ process so it’s usually applied on the same run as the printing. Not

A Good Company Profile Can Go Places

Yes, as the business owner, you have the limitation of being present at one place in one time. However, this is not the case with company profile, which is better known to have the ability in going to different places. Besides, because this profile can be in the different places, it helps in having a complete influence over existing and potential customers. When you register a company, never forget to create a good company profile,

The Driving Test in Australia

Driving test standards vary the World over. In a European context the Driving Test in Australia, while improving and continuing to evolve has a long way to go before it reaches Premier League status. One of the biggest problems with the Irish Driving Test is that there is currently no stipulation regarding the necessary level of tuition to be taken before sitting the Driving Test. In most European Countries there is a mandatory tuition requirement

Driving Test Centre Routes

Driving Test Centre routes do vary considerably around the country. In general the distances covered will be uniform approximately six miles but the experience can be very different. Let us look at the differences and then examine whether or not you should contemplate booking a Test at a Test Centre further afield that appears to give you a better chance of passing first time.(It Won’t!) Firstly let’s get the main stumbling block to passing a

Modern Wedding Photos

Photography is considered the most essential factor to possess inside a wedding. The photos assists as great remembrances for each smallest moment that happened throughout a bride and groom’s big day. Because you will find many wedding photography services which have sprouted out through the years, selecting which to employ can be very hard to do. The very first factor that you desire to request on your own is regardless of whether you want traditional

Where To Not To Find Ideas For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Just mentioning that you are going for bathroom renovations on a budget will invite all kinds of ideas and advice.  You may get ideas you like and ideas you don’t like, regardless of whether or not the idea giver is qualified.  Some people think they know everything just by watching something on television about it.  Those shows can help give people ideas and suggestions, but actually doing the renovations is another story. Here are a few

Pet-Owner Social Networks and Cat Freindly Living Room

Pet-Owner Social Networks Indeed, there are pet-owner social networks to be found in the Internet and all pet parents are encouraged to join them. Becoming a member could prove to be fun, informational, eye opener, or even life changing! Know however that there are various types of these networks. Some of them are for finding friends or a place for knowing about pet shows and other pet social gatherings. Other networks are for pet-owners to